Performing Popular Standards in the “Sinatra Style
In the “Key of Swing”
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A Swingin’ Affair
About the Band
The era of "Nightclubs" and "Lounge Acts" may be long gone, but A Swingin' Affair strives to recapture that feeling of a special "Night on the Town", enjoying drinks with friends and experiencing special live entertainment Drawing upon the Great American Songbook, we have tried to identify the songs and sounds that will remain timeless for all listeners, long after other musical trends have come and gone, and then give those songs a snappy, exuberant treatment that harkens another era.  That era featured the greatest singers paired with the greatest musical arrangements, and it saw its apotheosis in the 1950s and 1960s.  Of that era:  The Singers, there are many:  Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr., Cole, Fitzgerald, Clooney, Lee, etc.  The Arrangers:  Riddle, May, Mandel, Jones, Hefti and so on.  All creating the most exciting sounds ever  conceived in Popular Music. A Swingin' Affair distills these myriad sounds to a few basic elements:  jazz guitar, stand-up bass, swingin' drums, and lead vocal.  All designed to evoke a unique moment in time, one that many of today's audiences have most likely never experienced.  The ultimate goal: to be a special part of the audiences' evening "out and about". The members of A Swingin' Affair are Tom Giampa (guitar), David Deratzian(bass), Greg Webster (drums) and Brooke Sudlow (vocal).  It's the Swinginist!, and its all in the "Key of Swing"!   
Swingin Affair in the Key of Swing